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One brave kid

Now here is something you wouldn’t catch me doing… this kid was holding onto what I thought to be a Portuguese man-o-war. Now, I’m no ocean-life expert, but I’ve always assumed this action to lead to certain discomfort. If someone is more knowledgeable about what this kid is holding, please comment. I’m curious to know what I’ve been avoiding on my early morning walks down the beach.


Champagne Sunday at Crabs

Sunday morning/afternoon at Crabs seems to be a local’s secret here on Pensacola Beach. Since I’ve only been a local for a little over a year, I feel very privileged to know about this. Every Sunday, in addition to the live steel drum band, they also have an excellent brunch menu (all plates are 9.99) along with an outstanding drink special: All-you-can-drink champagne for 3.95!!! Wow!

If you stop in, be sure to get to know your bartenders. Ken and Jill are some of the best bartenders on the island!

If you come to Crabs between 11 and 2 you’ll be sure to catch the locals in action:

Stop in on a Sunday and have a glass of champagne with your local Pensacola Beach Blogger! Just look for the goofy Yank with Canon 40D!

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A Busy Beach

It was a busy day down on Casino Beach today! I love coming back from business trips to my home on days like this! Click the picture to enlarge to get a close up of all the beach people.

Now that the lifeguards are back on duty, the beach is starting to look like a summertime beach!

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