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Wish me luck!

Today is our big day! Just wanted to thank everyone for making Pensacola Beach such a wonderful place to live. I’ve called Pensacola Beach home for several years now, and I’m excited to announce that Lydia and I are both going to be calling it home after today. The “locals” on this island are all so thoughtful and caring, and we could never ask for a friendlier group of people to be our neighbors.


This surfboard was a gift from my parents. I love it! No matter where we end up in life, we’ll always have this to remember Pensacola Beach.


More Rain

Looks like more rain heading our way today. Pensacola has had 8.82 inches of rain this week. Yesterday accounted for more than 5 inches, and it looks like more on the way today. I snapped this shot before the clouds moved in this morning:


Let’s get all of the rain out of the way this week! Folks start arriving on Monday for our wedding next week! 8 days!

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Pensacola Beach Stalker

I have a stalker!


I was working on some photos this morning and I felt like I was being watched. I turned in my chair and sure enough, this little guy was peeking through the tree at me! I was quick, and snapped the picture above from my computer chair. After he figured out that I spotted him, he lost interest:


He’s just the friendly neighborhood cat. Not sure what his name is… I love it when he visits me, and this encounter had me laughing all morning!


Bye for now, island cat!

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Its Not Easy Being Green

Green Anole lizards are common on Pensacola Beach, and the rest of the Gulf Coast area. I often find them right outside my door, or running up trees as I walk by.


They eat insects, so I don’t mind them at all. The color of their skin can change from green to brown depending on their mood, or their surrounding colors, but they usually stay green when the temperature is above 70 degrees.


You can tell the males from the females by a white stripe down their back. The females have one, the males do not. It is a little hard to see in the first two photos, but you can see it on the tail here:


Sorry these pictures aren’t “tack sharp”, but I’m still getting used to my new 50mm lens! I went a little overboard with the aperture. I guess you don’t learn if you don’t make mistakes!

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Storms off the Coast

Got these shots this morning. The colors of the water and the sky were great for a photo shoot!


Calm for now though:



Remember you can click the pictures to enlarge them.

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Walkway to Paradise

Walkway 21. This is my walkway to paradise.


I use this bridge over the dunes at least twice a day. This one, 21, is only about 150 yards from my front door. They have these walkways (or walkovers) all the way up and down the beach. They are there so that the dunes do not get trampled on, so please USE them!

This walkover was a disaster this time last year. Gustav really made a mess of things. I’m glad my walkover doesn’t look like this anymore:



The Slammers at Bands on the Beach

The Slammers call themselves “Southern Rock Specialists”, and boy did they rock at Bands on the Beach last night! It turned out to be a perfect night for one of the few remaining BOTB nights this year. Smaller crowds than usual, but that was only because kids are back in school now. It was actually a little more relaxing to not have as many people there.


That’s John “Flash” Gordon on guitar and vocals. He was joined by Jimbo on drums, and Louis Finch on bass and vocals.

Like I said, another perfect night:


Usually it takes 30-40 minutes for people to start dancing. Not the case tonight. These guys were out dancing right away!



Great show guys! You can read more about the Slammers on their website. Check out their photo album. These guys know how to party!