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The Slammers at Bands on the Beach

The Slammers call themselves “Southern Rock Specialists”, and boy did they rock at Bands on the Beach last night! It turned out to be a perfect night for one of the few remaining BOTB nights this year. Smaller crowds than usual, but that was only because kids are back in school now. It was actually a little more relaxing to not have as many people there.


That’s John “Flash” Gordon on guitar and vocals. He was joined by Jimbo on drums, and Louis Finch on bass and vocals.

Like I said, another perfect night:


Usually it takes 30-40 minutes for people to start dancing. Not the case tonight. These guys were out dancing right away!



Great show guys! You can read more about the Slammers on their website. Check out their photo album. These guys know how to party!


Dr. Breeze at Bands on the Beach

Another perfect night for Bands on the Beach! Last night, Dr. Breeze performed on the Casino Beach pavillion, and what a show it was! Dr. Breeze is originally from New Orleans, but now lives here, in Pensacola.

Presenting…. Dr. Breeze:

And his band:

That’s Art Brockmeier from Pensacola Steel on the steel drums. He will be playing at our wedding reception in September!

As always, there was plenty of food to go around:

Another record-breaking turnout for Bands on the Beach:

And don’t forget the wine:

Now, I don’t normally brag about these amatuer shots that I get, but I thought this one was pretty cool… Click to enlarge and you can see the sunset, Bands on the Beach, and even the Pensacola Beach Ball water tower in the reflection of my fiancé’s glasses:

See you next Tuesday!


Bands on the Beach 2009 Schedule

Bands on the Beach is a free concert that happens every Tuesday night on Pensacola Beach at the Pavilion at Casino Beach. The concerts start up at 7:00 PM and usually go till about 9. The regulars bring chairs, a little table, some snacks and some wine and make a night of it. Scroll down to see the line up for this year!

5/5 – Wildwood (Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues, Beatles, Reggae)
5/12 – Mass Kunfusion (Classic Rock, 80s, Modern Hits)
5/19 – Local Hero (Rock, Soul, Blues, Funk, Originals)

6/2 – Modern Eldorados (Honky Tonk, Classic Country, Rockabilly)
6/9 – A Touch of Gray (60s, 70s, Grateful Dead)
6/16 – Dr. Breeze (Jass, Blues, Classic Rock)
6/23 – Mr. Big (High-Energy Dance Hits from 50s-70s)
6/30 – Midnight Confessions (Pop, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock)

7/7 – The Kyle Parker Band (Classic Rock, Country, Originals)
7/14 – The 13th Hourglass (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s)
7/21 – The Reunion Band (60s and 70s Hits, Brit Invasion, Motown)
7/28 – Kee Creek Band (Classic Rock, Country, Modern)

8/4 – Not Quite Fab (Beatles Cover Band)
8/11 – The Laymen (Classic 60s Music)
8/18 – East Side West Side (Swing, Jazz, Latin)
8/25 – Civilized Natives (Acoustic, Rock, Original)

9/1 – Fort Morgan Slammers (Classic & Southern Rock)
9/8 – DLP (90s & Modern Rock)
9/15 – Crosstown (Variety, Blues, Classic Rock)
9/22 – Big Muddy (Blues, Rock, Country)
9/29 – Rain Date

It is shaping up to be a beautiful Tuesday night! I’ll see you out there!

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Southern Breeze at Bands on the Beach

Just came back from this week’s Bands on the Beach, and WOW was it great! I must say that this has been one of the best Bands on the Beach nights I’ve been to. The weather couldn’t have been nicer, and Southern Breeze was a fantastic band. They’ve been together since 1980, and still know how to rock!

Presenting…. Southern Breeze:

Quite the turnout on our beautiful beach:

Even my parents were there, all the way from Michigan! They sure did enjoy the show:

These huge bubbles made for some great stage effects:

The young and the young-at-heart all love Tuesday nights on Pensacola Beach:

See you next Tuesday!

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Ike at Night (and other camera tricks)

When I came home tonight, there was nearly a full moon out, perfect to get a night shot of the beach!

I’m still a beginner when it comes to manual modes on my camera, but I can usually figure out what I want after some fumbling around. For shots like these, a tripod is necessary. The shutter was open for 15 seconds, which is why you can’t really see the huge waves that are still crashing in from Hurricane Ike. Everything seems to level out, to what appears as a peaceful beach scene. You can also see some blur in the clouds, since they were moving so fast.

Speaking of night shots, I got this cool shot during last week’s Bands On the Beach:

This one was also taken under moonlight, with some help of the stage lighting from the band. The purple wavy lines you see are trails from children running around with glow sticks. If you look close, you can see where one kid threw the glow stick into the air!


Mass Kunfuzion at Bands on the Beach

The band Mass Kunfuzion will be performing at the pavilion near the Pensacola Beach Pier tonight for Bands on the Beach.

Check out their website or their setlist to see what kind of music to expect. Looks like a good mix!

Remember, the show starts at 7pm. Hopefully we won’t get rained out. See you out there!

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Bands on the Beach

One of the most popular weekly events out on the beach is heading down to the Gulfside Pavilion (over near the Pensacola Beach Pier) every Tuesday night at 7pm for some musical entertainment.

Bands on the Beach features a variety of bands and entertainers. If you want to fit in with the locals, bring a few chairs, a blanket and a cooler of beer or wine (no glass, though).

Here is the line-up for the rest of the 2008 year:

August 12 Mass Kunfuzion
August 19 The Fort Morgan Slammers
August 26 Crosstown
September 2 DMTs
September 9 Not Quite Fab
September 16 The Kee Creek Band
September 23 Big Muddy
September 30 The Reunion Band

Bands on the beach offers a variety of bands, that can fit anyone’s taste in music!

Bands on the Beach

It is also timed perfectly with the sunset. Come join us next Tuesday!

Sunset at Bands on the Beach