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Its Not Easy Being Green

Green Anole lizards are common on Pensacola Beach, and the rest of the Gulf Coast area. I often find them right outside my door, or running up trees as I walk by.


They eat insects, so I don’t mind them at all. The color of their skin can change from green to brown depending on their mood, or their surrounding colors, but they usually stay green when the temperature is above 70 degrees.


You can tell the males from the females by a white stripe down their back. The females have one, the males do not. It is a little hard to see in the first two photos, but you can see it on the tail here:


Sorry these pictures aren’t “tack sharp”, but I’m still getting used to my new 50mm lens! I went a little overboard with the aperture. I guess you don’t learn if you don’t make mistakes!

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