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Pensacola Seafood Festival 2008

The Pensacola Seafood Festival (Festival of Five Flags) happened this last weekend, Sep 26th – 28th. We went over to Seville Square on Sunday and got some good pics, and some good eats! As always, admission to the festival is free.

Check out all this food! There were seafood cooking lessons:

And all kinds of good ol’ southern food:

Fresh crab cakes, anyone?

How about some southern fried goodness…?

Here was our dinner, Coconut shrimp, rice, salad, and a few Bug Lights with Lime:

Hey Mon Salsa to sample, with tortilla chips:

And you can’t pass up free samplse of some cajun pork rinds:

Of course, the Pensacola Seafood Festival had more to offer than food. Between the 200 arts and crafts vendors, local booths, and entertainment in Fountain Park, they had something for everyone! I liked this garden sprinkler:

And there was a train ride for the kids:

Or adults… :-)

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Star Gazing on Pensacola Beach

I meant to post this a bit earlier in the week, but if you have any interest in astronomy, you’re in luck this weekend. The Escambia Amateur Astronomy Association (EAAA) is hosting a star gaze on Casino Beach (at the pavilion) on Friday, September 12th and Saturday September 13th.

As long as the weather holds out, they will have their telescopes set up to look at the Moon, Jupiter, and other star clusters and galaxies. Star charts will also be available for use. The event starts at 6:30PM and goes into the night.

If you miss the star gaze this weekend, they are also setting up just past the temporary gate to Fort Pickens on Friday, September 26th between 6:30 PM and 10:00 PM.

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Mass Kunfuzion at Bands on the Beach

The band Mass Kunfuzion will be performing at the pavilion near the Pensacola Beach Pier tonight for Bands on the Beach.

Check out their website or their setlist to see what kind of music to expect. Looks like a good mix!

Remember, the show starts at 7pm. Hopefully we won’t get rained out. See you out there!

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Bands on the Beach

One of the most popular weekly events out on the beach is heading down to the Gulfside Pavilion (over near the Pensacola Beach Pier) every Tuesday night at 7pm for some musical entertainment.

Bands on the Beach features a variety of bands and entertainers. If you want to fit in with the locals, bring a few chairs, a blanket and a cooler of beer or wine (no glass, though).

Here is the line-up for the rest of the 2008 year:

August 12 Mass Kunfuzion
August 19 The Fort Morgan Slammers
August 26 Crosstown
September 2 DMTs
September 9 Not Quite Fab
September 16 The Kee Creek Band
September 23 Big Muddy
September 30 The Reunion Band

Bands on the beach offers a variety of bands, that can fit anyone’s taste in music!

Bands on the Beach

It is also timed perfectly with the sunset. Come join us next Tuesday!

Sunset at Bands on the Beach


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