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Walkway to Paradise

Walkway 21. This is my walkway to paradise.


I use this bridge over the dunes at least twice a day. This one, 21, is only about 150 yards from my front door. They have these walkways (or walkovers) all the way up and down the beach. They are there so that the dunes do not get trampled on, so please USE them!

This walkover was a disaster this time last year. Gustav really made a mess of things. I’m glad my walkover doesn’t look like this anymore:



The Slammers at Bands on the Beach

The Slammers call themselves “Southern Rock Specialists”, and boy did they rock at Bands on the Beach last night! It turned out to be a perfect night for one of the few remaining BOTB nights this year. Smaller crowds than usual, but that was only because kids are back in school now. It was actually a little more relaxing to not have as many people there.


That’s John “Flash” Gordon on guitar and vocals. He was joined by Jimbo on drums, and Louis Finch on bass and vocals.

Like I said, another perfect night:


Usually it takes 30-40 minutes for people to start dancing. Not the case tonight. These guys were out dancing right away!



Great show guys! You can read more about the Slammers on their website. Check out their photo album. These guys know how to party!



Block Party last night!

Keg of Beer? Check.
Jello-shots? Check.
Awesome band doing Pink Floyd covers? Check!



What a wonderful neighborhood I live in, with wonderful neighbors! Click the read more link below to see all the pictures from the night!

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Did you see the beach today?

Did you see the beach today??


With green flags flying, the beach couldn’t have been more beautiful. Calm and crystal clear, we spent an hour swimming out in the water with goggles. Saw a few small fish and a few jellyfish, but I’m still waiting to swim with the dolphins!


Sunrise to Sunset

Once in a great while I am up before sunrise, and I usually take advantage of the situation by heading out for some pics:


This evening we were heading out to Navarre and I made the wife-to-be pull over so that I could take this picture of the sunset:


Remember, you can click the pictures to see the large version of them!

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Weekend Events

Looking for something to do this weekend on Pensacola Beach? Here are some ideas!

Pensacola Beach Events:

  • Saturday, 6pm – 8pm: The Sounds of Summer continues as Dr. Breeze performs at the shell stage amphitheater on the Pensacola Beach boardwalk! As always, there is no charge for these live performances on the boardwalk! Dr. Breeze performed at Bands on the Beach a few weeks back, and then again last weekend at the Sounds of Summer. If you missed him, here’s your chance to hear some of his classics along with some originals. Check it out!
  • Sunday, 11am-2pm: As with every Sunday, Crabs’ Champagne Sunday Brunch will be going on! Stop in at Crabs for 3.95 all-you-can-drink champagne and some GREAT affordable brunch specials! Pensacola Steel will be there performing as well! I absolutely love these!
  • Sunday, 6pm – 8pm: Jim Andrews and Lisa Zanghi will be performing at the shell stage amphitheater as well. I don’t really know too much about them, so I think I’ll head over there on Sunday. They perform adult contemporary music with a blues/jazz feel.

Off-island Events:

  • Saturday and Sunday, 6:05pm: The Pensacola Pelicans play the El Paso Diablos at Pelican Park in Pensacola!

I just saw that I just missed this morning’s “Who Pooped in the Park” over at the Gulf Breeze National Seashore. That would have been interesting! I’ll try to stay on top of it more for coming weekends!

If you’d like to see a local event promoted for this weekend or anytime in the future, please contact me!

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Tall Clouds over the Beach

There have been some awesome summer clouds over Pensacola Beach the last few days.  In the summer I usually walk around taking pictures with a plastic grocery bag wadded up in my pocket just in case it downpours (need to protect the camera!), but lately I’ve been forgetting it, making these walks a little  nerve-wracking!

Yesterday was a beautiful cloud day:


Rain in the distance:


I saw this one later in the day, from the Pensacola Beach Pier:


One thing is certain. Big cumulus clouds like this always make for interesting sunsets!


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Tropical Storm Claudette is on its way

Get ready for some rain tonight, Pensacola Beach! Tropical Depression 4 (soon to be Tropical Storm Claudette) formed in the Gulf last night and is headed our way!


We walked out to the beach this morning. The waves were coming in from the east, which is kind of unusual. The storms and wind were starting to show up!claudette-1

This poor little guy got washed up by the strong surf:


At least the surfers can take advantage of the waves before the rain comes in:


Now is the time to make any last minute preparations for hurricane season if you haven’t already: Candles, drinking water, emergency radios, extra batteries, and flashlights should all be stocked up on if you live out on the island! And most importantly, remember not to lose your head (like this guy) when the storms come rolling in!



Pensacola Beach Fireworks

Happy Fourth of July from Pensacola Beach! I am finally in after spending all day and night on the beach. It was a perfect day: the water was crystal clear, the jellyfish were nowhere in sight, and the entire island smelled like hot dogs and suntan lotion.  I ran inside to get my camera and snapped a few shots of the fireworks on my end of the beach. Enjoy!

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Clam City

If you haven’t made it out to the beach yet, what are you waiting for? It is beautiful out, and there’s a green flag flying! The water temperature is very refreshing in this heat.

Check out our Sand Castle. The residents are baby clams, and they use starfish for money! Woo… maybe I’ve had too much sun today!

If you do go out, wear sunscreen! It’s a hot one!

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