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Saturday Beach Day

There was plenty of action on the beach this Saturday, with Taste of the Beach, right next to the “Life’s a Vette at the Beach” show down at the Casino Beach parking area. Even with all of this going on, the day was just too perfect to pass up a lazy beach day!

The towers you see in the distance are three of the Portofino towers. You can also see that the beach now has a different shape due to erosion from Hurricane Ike:

But there still plenty of sand left to enjoy:

There were big surfers out:

And little surfers:

A perfect day for fun with family:

Or fishing…

Or just a relaxing walk by yourself!

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  1. Pat September 21st, 2008 7:38 pm

    I love the pictures of P’cola beach and check your blog daily. Between you, turtle girl and DJ you keep my homesickness in check. I loved and lived in P’cola for several years leaving only when employment sent us to Valdosta. Please keep the wonderful pictures coming. Glad Ike didn’t harm the area more than it did.

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