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A Beautiful Saturday on the Beach

Just another beautiful weekend on the beach. A little chilly, but no jacket needed today. Check out how clear the water is today:

These pelicans were putting on their own airshow over Pensacola Beach today, just like our Blue Angles!

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Giant Shadows

The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope.
–Frank Lloyd Wright

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Tonight’s sunset

Check out tonights sunset, as viewed from the Pensacola Beach Pier:

Once the sun was gone, I turned around, looking east off the pier. Check out the color of the sky! No photo editing here!

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Green Flags and Blue Skies

Just got back from another business trip to Las Vegas, and pleased to see the green flags flying over Pensacola Beach. I took a drive all the way down to where the road closes on the east end of the island, and noticed these cool cloud formations. It is great to be back! Humidity is my friend!

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Post-Christmas Beach

Hope Santa brought everyone everything they asked for! I know my name was on his list…. look at this weather! What a beautiful few days we’ve had! Ain’t no such thing as post-Christmas blues when you have a view like this.

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A misty morning

Another foggy and misty morning here on Pensacola Beach! We should have a beautiful day on our hands today… as soon as the sun makes it out of the fog.

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September Sunrise

This morning I was up early enough to catch the sunrise on Pensacola Beach. In fact I was up before the sunrise:

At 6:30am this morning, you can still see the moon at the top of this picture.  It was a very peaceful time to be out on the beach, but the sand was kind of chilly. The Gulf, however, was very warm. It felt great to walk on the warm sand down by the water.

Here comes the sun:

There were plenty of pelicans out, ready to “obstruct” my shot:

Sun is up. Time to head back and make some coffee!


Perfect Beach Day

Today is a perfect beach day on Pensacola Beach. Since the hurricanes, the beach has taken on a different shape, making it possible to walk out on sandbars far out into the Gulf. Fish at this time of year is good too. If you walk out into the water, you’ll soon be surrounded by little fish being eaten by big fish!

Of course, fishing isn’t all about catching fish, is it? Having moved from Michigan last year, I’m still not used to scenes like this when it is nearly October:

(click to enlarge)

Now get out there and enjoy the beach! Who knows how many nice days like this we’ll have left!


Crab Catchin’

If you’ve spent any time at all on Pensacola Beach (especially near dusk), you’ve seen the crabs! But have you ever tried catching one? Check out the crab we pulled up in a net:

If you hold them from the back, they can’t pinch you:

Of course, soon after we caught this guy, we let him go:

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Saturday Beach Day

There was plenty of action on the beach this Saturday, with Taste of the Beach, right next to the “Life’s a Vette at the Beach” show down at the Casino Beach parking area. Even with all of this going on, the day was just too perfect to pass up a lazy beach day!

The towers you see in the distance are three of the Portofino towers. You can also see that the beach now has a different shape due to erosion from Hurricane Ike:

But there still plenty of sand left to enjoy:

There were big surfers out:

And little surfers:

A perfect day for fun with family:

Or fishing…

Or just a relaxing walk by yourself!

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